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Fast pitch softball gloves and slow pitch softball gloves closely resemble baseball gloves, but there are some differences. One difference between softball and baseball gloves is the pocket between the thumb and forefinger on the glove is a bit larger in softball gloves. This feature is designed to improve the performance and help the player catch balls with ease.

As in baseball gloves, the position you play on your team influences the purchase of discount softball gloves. Both fastpitch softball gloves and slowpitch softball gloves are available for specific positions. We carry adult and youth softball gloves for positions that include infielder, outfielder, pitchers gloves, and catchers and first base mitts.

The desired size of the glove varies, according to the position being played and the size of the player. Of course, you’ll want a glove large enough to comfortably fit your hand. In addition, size is sometimes dictated by the position you play on the team. For example, an outfielder’s glove is larger than an infielder glove to help the outfielder catch pop flies.

The difference in fast pitch softball gloves and slow pitch softball gloves is designed to improve performance in each position. For example, catcher’s mitts and first base mitts are designed to help scoop the ball when it has been thrown low to the ground. Browse our online catalog to find the best quality discount softball gloves at prices to fit any budget. Narrow your search by the type of closeout softball gloves and position to quickly find a quality softball glove that fits your specific needs.